September 10th, 2020
A few months ago, I logged out

But I actually took it one step further: I removed the ability for YouTube to save cookies on my browser

With no cookies, YouTube couldn’t identify who I was.

Since YouTube had no idea who I was, they couldn't use their super-smart algorithm to trick me into watching their (super-targeted) empty content - they just show me mainstream stuff now.

This gave me less incentive to click through, and more specifically, I stopped watching motivation/productivity channels (example), which I am a huge sucker for (and YouTube knows this).

When YouTube stopped recommending these productivity videos, I forgot that these channels even existed. I did not even go searching for them.

Without YouTube, I had some extra hours added to my day.

I filled my newfound time up with activities, like making plans, seeing friends, and playing tennis.

But these new activities presented a new challenge: my time was constrained

Wouldn’t being busier with random stuff make me less productive because I have less time for the business and give me less time to learn new productivity hacks?

Yes. I worked less on my business. But I actually did more with less time. And my business grew faster than before.

Not only did I work "smarter", but these time constraints gave me more clarity on all the busy work I was doing. I gained the confidence to press delete on so many items on my todo list.

So who cares? I ended up in the same place, right? Instead of watching YouTube, I just did other stuff to fill the time. Does it matter?

Unlike YouTube, I left these activities feeling invigorated, motivated, and rested. 

After a YouTube binge, I feel like a piece of garbage. After an hour of playing tennis, I feel bliss.

Hobbies and having a social life have given me a healthier long term view on building my business. They've added more balance to my life. I feel happier. I sleep better. Less anxiety.

Two People, Same Goal

I believe that two different people will reach the same goal regardless of how hard they work.

In other words, if Person #1 and Person #2 aim to become millionaires by 2025 (and they are equally smart and resourceful), they will both reach that goal at the same exact time, regardless of how much they work.

Person #1 can work 1 hour per day, and Person #2 can work 12 hours per day - they will both be millionaires in 2025!

It’s up to me how I decide to spend my time while reaching my goals. For me, I choose to be happy. It’s much easier that way.

(note: YouTube here is just an example. YouTube was my drug of choice, but this applies to Twitter, blog posts, self-help books, etc)