August 7th, 2020
I want to live my life with more intention.

I try to make plans with people ahead of time, like playing tennis on Monday morning or planning a dinner on Wednesday evening.

Having a plan is awesome. It builds structure around your day and your life.

Sometimes, I don't want to do things with other people, and when that happens, I'll set aside time to do things with myself, like writing, or reading a book, or watching a movie.

But even with these solitary activities, I try to do them with intention. I set a plan to write for 2 hours, undistracted. Or I turn my phone off and watch a movie I've been meaning to watch.

The same goes for work. If I plan properly and work with intention, I can do the same work in half the time. So I can have a four-hour workday, instead of the usual 8 hours.

The opposite of this is being a reactive person. Letting other people make the plans, going with the flow, and not being present.