November 9th, 2019
The goal for this blog is to start writing more.

I'd like to write every day, and I plan to make that a commitment going forward. It doesn't matter how long it is - I want to treat this more like a diary. 

I can literally type two sentences, or I can write 3000 words, or I can record a YouTube video, or even a tweet. Maybe, it will often just be updates on what I worked on that day, really boring stuff :)

And I want to hold myself accountable. So, if I miss a day, I have to donate $20 to some organization of my choice or support another creator buy buying their products/merch. If I miss a day, I have to write a blog post for that day (backdated) with proof of my donation.

That's the rules for now - things might change. I'm excited. Time to set a daily reminder in my calendar.

See you tomorrow!