July 18th, 2020
Why do we need to be constantly logged in to YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter?

These apps all work fine anonymously - we can still watch YouTube videos without being signed in. We can still browse Reddit without an account.

These companies really want us to always be logged in, for obvious reasons.

But what’s our incentive? So we can be served the “best” content - so we can feel connected and up to date?

While logged in, my YouTube recommended feed is doing a great job of serving me interesting content - but is that a good thing? Do I need to watch another video on the Astros cheating scandal? Probably not.

Nowadays, I try to stay logged out as much as I can.

Sometimes I need to post things and respond to messages or comments. In these moments, I will log in temporarily, but be sure to log out right after.

Afraid of missing out on some great content? Don’t worry - you won’t miss much.

I’ll still come across the best content organically - such as a friend sending me a video or a tweet, or when I go searching for that content with intent.

And I can still enjoy it without logging in!