September 11th, 2020
Want your writing to be read by thousands? By millions?

There is only one way to get there: become a phenomenal writer.

There are no hacks. That’s it.

I see so many people publish a couple of blog posts and get frustrated when nobody reads them. They wonder what they did wrong. They say “I don’t know how to promote my writing” or “I have no audience”.

But that’s not the issue. The issue is their writing. It’s just not good enough (yet).

It takes years to become great. I think it might take 10+ years of writing every day to become great. 

There are shortcuts though, some people have an unfair advantage. 

For example, my shortcut was writing about my startup journey and my own startup tactics. People wanted to read that because they were following or wanted to follow a similar path.

Writers should find their unfair advantage, but also remember that this is only a crutch. It very much was for me.

A few successful blog posts didn’t mean that my writing was good, just that I wrote the right thing from the right audience at the right time. My writing were very matter-of-fact, and they served a specific purpose (“How To Do X”), but they did not make me a good writer.

That’s why I’m writing every day. Because I want to become a better writer. I want to write about more than just my own story.

I know that my writing sucks, but knowing and admitting this motivates me to get better. I will get 100x better. I will only get there by writing for hours, every day.

The best writers grow their audience with ease. They don’t even promote. They write one book that gets shared through word of mouth over and over, between circles of friends and colleagues for decades.

This is not by accident. There’s a reason Paul Graham’s famous essays get shared every single day on Twitter, 7 years later. There’s a reason people still recommend Think And Grow Rich, 80 years after it’s been published. 

The reason is that their writing is phenomenal. Most people skip this part.

Harry Dry wrote a great post about how he promotes his content (amazing post). 

But Harry has a bigger secret. 

His secret: His writing is 100x better than anyone else in his niche. Harry knows this, but he also knows that nobody will listen to this advice. People want hacks, strategies, flowcharts, roundtable discussions, and complex theories.

Becoming a phenomenal writer is just too deceptively simple to put in a blog post. But it is the answer.