September 2nd, 2020

Two days ago, my dad told me I was a good writer. A few days before that, my mom called me to tell me how much she liked one of my posts.

A girl IRL told me she Googled me, found the blog, read it (oh god), and then told me I was a good writer.

Sometimes my writing gets shared on Twitter. Sometimes, I get emails from readers saying they like the blog and that I’m a good writer.

It feels bizarre when people tell me that I’m a good writer because I don’t identify as a writer at all, let alone a good one…

It is validating to hear this feedback. It’s the main reason I write every day: to become a better writer!

I've only gotten better because of daily practice. There is no magic here. I've written every day for 10 months now. I spend 1-2 hours per day writing. I feel mental anguish before, during, and after I publish. I cringe at my old posts.

BUT I know how much I still suck at writing. I have so much more room for improvement…

I want to write down what I’m excited about for the future. Here it goes:

  • I want to write essays with conviction like Paul Graham
  • I want to write something that gets shared like wildfire, something so good that people read it and immediately share it with all their friends.
  • I want to write stuff that's timeless, stuff that gets shared over and over again, even years after I’ve published it.
  • I want to write stuff that inspires. Stuff that makes people quit their day jobs, follow their dreams and change their lives.
  • I want to write controversial things, where people get really mad at me. I want to get canceled.
  • I want to write about with more honesty and transparency. I want to write about my deepest insecurities.
  • I want to write about philosophy. I want to write about the meaning of life.
  • I want to write about random things. I want to be more funny in my writing. I want to write about really mundane things, Larry David style.

Lastly, I want my writing journey to be different. I don’t have a traditional blog, and I don’t have a newsletter. This daily writing thing is different, and I love that.

I don’t know where all of this will go, but I will keep writing every day, right here.