October 6th, 2020
A couple months ago, I wrote about finding the truth through writing. The main gist:

The fastest way to transform yourself is to become obsessed with the truth

The faster we can uncover the truth, the more we can accomplish. This goes for everything in life: business, relationships, sports, hobbies, skills, and personal happiness.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten faster at identifying the truth.

This has helped me loads as an entrepreneur. I’d argue that truth-seeking is the greatest skill an entrepreneur can have. It allows you to solve problems and move quickly.

When my business isn’t working, I can fix it when I seek the truth as to why it’s not working, which gives me the answer on how to fix it.

I’d like to get faster at solving the truth, though. How can I do this?

What prevents me from solving the truth? Ego, beliefs, and wanting to be 'right'.

When I fall back on my ego, I’ll run in circles. I’ll beat around the bush. I won’t make progress.

But in the end, I’ll always land on the truth. The only thing I can change is how long it takes...

I can find the truth in 10 minutes, or I can find it in 10 years.

It’s my choice to spend 10 minutes or spend 10 years. That is completely in my control. Which one do I pick?

If I choose 10 years, that’s 10 years of pain, of wasted time, of not being true to myself. If I choose 10 minutes, I’ve done the right thing.

If I can solve one truth in 10 minutes, I can solve 144 truths in one day. That’s 52K truths in a year, and 525K truths in 10 years.

Compare that with 1 truth solved in 10 years.

This is just an example, but the point is still there. Seeking the truth is progress. It’s growth.

I found this amazing tweet today (the reply):