August 23rd, 2020
The fastest way to transform yourself is to become obsessed with the truth.

Throughout our lives, there are thousands of truths, and it’s our job to uncover them quickly.

The faster we can uncover them, the more we can accomplish. This goes for everything in life: business, relationships, sports, hobbies, skills, and personal happiness.

Imagine two people in different toxic relationships. Person #1 identified the relationship was toxic and ended it after 1 month, and Person #2 stayed in the relationship for 5 years.

Who is better off? Obviously Person #1. Person #1 was able to identify the truth and move on. Then, they had 4 years and 11 months to identify more truths and make more decisions on them. 

After 5 years, Person #1 has discovered hundreds of truths, and Person #2 has discovered 1 truth.

Uncovering the truth is easy, because we all know the truth in the back of our heads. We just need to release it.

How to release it? The easiest way to explore the truth is to be curious and create things that help us release the truth.

I try to do this by writing every day. Writing has gotten me through some really hard business problems - some problems that could have been solved even faster if I wrote about them earlier.

Writing has also allowed me to identify many individual/personal truths, has made me happier overall, and given me a better quality of life, especially through the pandemic.

We hear wise people “speak the truth”, whether it’s from a quote, a TED Talk, or on TV.

Because we hear these people “casually” speaking the truth, it makes us believe that the truth is something we can “think through”. But I think this is wrong. 

All great truths come from the result of years and years of experience, creation, and writing!