November 15th, 2020
I received over 120 emails, DMs, and even text messages about my SEO approach.

Conventional wisdom would be to do a whole course, right?

I really don’t want to do that. But it sounds boring, and not really up my alley. I know that I could make some money on it, but it really wouldn’t be the right use of my time.

Here are a few ideas I’m thinking of:

  • Consulting: Find the people that really need this and build out something rough. Help a handful of people in a pseudo-consulting role and have them pay me a lot of money.
  • Really expensive course: Charge $1,000+ for this information. Sell less, but better clients. The money will motivate me to get it done quickly.
  • Use this as the catalyst for Starter Story Course Platform: On Starter Story, we’ll start working on a ‘learning’ platform, where we have loads of different courses. Maybe this could be the first course?
  • Create a small community: Slack, Telegram chat? 
  • 48 Hour Course Launch: Set a really short, hard deadline, spend two days, heads down and crank this out with a bunch of Loom videos and PDF and sell it as a package.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. Since this is a side project, it needs to be fun for me and I want to be motivated.

The first step: start emailing people back and learning more about what they need.

Any ideas?