November 13th, 2020
Seeing if there’s some interest...

I have a unique strategy to grow search traffic through code, data, automation, outsourcing, and UGC.

I don’t see this talked about in SEO land, because mainly it requires some technical ability (need to be able to code).

Starter Story will do 300k+ uniques this month, and forecasting 500k by January 2021.

I know this strategy can be applied to other niches. Starter Story is about starting businesses. But this would work in pets, plants, fashion, food, travel, and hundreds of other topics.

What you’d need for this:

  • Ability to code (or to put a full-time engineer on this)
  • Time / patience / long term mindset (can take months to rank)
  • Some money (to pay for tools / engineer / data / outsourcing)

Would this be valuable to you?

If this sounds interesting, please reach out to me, and let me know what blog you’re trying to grow. If you want to start something, that could work too.

(my email is the mail icon at bottom of this post)


Update: I've decided to do a course. You can preorder here. I'd still love if you emailed me :)