October 8th, 2020
Today, I’m unfollowing everyone on Twitter.

When I started on Twitter a couple of years ago, it felt like a goldmine of people, connections, value, etc.

It doesn’t feel like that anymore (for me).

When I scroll through my feed, I have very cynical feelings.

I also don’t like the recommendations that Twitter puts in my feed, as well. It pushes up many tweets that make me compare myself to others (business milestones, specifically).

I also want Twitter to be less about status games, like “who follows who”, who liked my shit, etc. I want to use Twitter as more of a place of free expression.

Ethan explained to me the feelings of liberation after doing it:
If I unfollow you, I hope you understand it is only for these reasons.

(I’d be lying if I told you that it didn’t offend me when I got unfollowed, so please know it comes from a good place)

If you unfollow me, I 100% understand.