September 25th, 2020
My own cynicism gets the best of me while using social media.

Most times when I go on Twitter, I scroll through and roll my eyes at most tweets, muttering to myself:

  • “Why is this person posting this?”
  • “The ulterior motive is so obvious here.”
  • “This person is so clearly wrong or unqualified to say this.”

After a few minutes, I’ll “catch” myself with this negativity and literally log out of the platform.

This seems unhealthy, and I’m not sure how to fix it. Does anyone else experience this?

I’m also part of a few “scenes” on Twitter. I will be honest right now and say that I’m not a huge fan of where some of those scenes have been going lately.

For example, there is a trend where many people are pontificating on stupid shit through their Substack newsletters.

I don’t want to sound like “I’m better than that”, but being honest, that kind of stuff isn’t interesting to me at all. 

Often, it’s not even the people I follow, it’s the Twitter algorithm recommending it based on the people I follow...

I miss the days when I was just starting out when Twitter felt like a goldmine of information. But of course, this was probably just my perception, as I was new and naive.

I was listening to Joe Rogan today, and he says that he has a rule to never read the comments on social media, period. So, I have a feeling that social media only gets worse as you get more followers.

I’m considering unfollowing everyone on Twitter and starting over.

I don’t have any great takeaways for this post today...