May 8th, 2020
Came across this video.

It's the story about how a guy got into YouTube, eventually went viral, and how that changed his life.

The part that really struck me is this part.

You will never beat the numbers. Ever. You can celebrate 100K views, a million views, 10M views, a million kajillion views, but the numbers will always win. You will be chasing something that doesn't exist.

This is something I've also experienced.

I remember back when I had my full-time job - I thought that when I got to 1,000 email subscribers, I would be happy. Or when I got 100K monthly visitors on the website, or when I made enough money to quit my full-time job.

But when I reached these numbers-based milestones, I didn't feel satisfied! By the time I got there, the novelty had already worn off and I was already thinking about the next "big number".