October 1st, 2020
I remember reading Tim Ferris’s advice on how to write successfully. He said something like this:

“Instead of writing for a wide audience, write your book/blog for one specific person.”

For me, I think that person is an engineer or creative type who’s hoping to start their own business or has already gotten started. They might also be in a job or doing work that they know they won’t be doing for the rest of their life.

^^ (this was me at one point)

When I’m writing, I try to think about this person and how my words will make them feel, and how my words can help them, inspire them, and change their mind.

If you read this blog, I’d love to hear. Where are you at? Got any questions for me? Are there any topics you’d like me to touch on? Email me directly, anything goes :) 

I will try to answer your questions on here, too, anonymously of course.