October 24th, 2020
Disclosure: I am not a Trump supporter.

It's so obvious he's going to win.

Trump is holding a rally right now and people are there in the freezing cold, bundled up, and it's packed with people. Thousands of people.

100k people are concurrently watching this on YouTube, right now:

Trump Rally

Meanwhile, Joe Biden had a "drive-in" rally and it was actually crashed by Trump supporters.

Apparently, that's Biden's only public appearance. A measly drive-in rally? Trump is rallying crowds in all the swing states. Who's got more skin in the game? Why isn't Biden and that entire team out there squeezing every last drop?

Why do the Democrats have the same hubris they had in 2016? They relied on their "pre-polls" and ran some fancy models, and thought "He can't win".

But when he did, we realized it was because of so many secret Trump supporters, and all of the rallies he did. Whether you like it or not, he has a very strong grassroots movement.

So wouldn't you think we'd change our playbook after what happened in 2016? And find someone who can actually go up against Trump?

Yet, it's Joe Biden, an even more uninteresting candidate. No fresh ideas. Not exciting.

"He's the best we got" or "he's better than Trump" is what most people say. I agree with those statements, but it's not enough to win an election.

I was talking to my friend from Ukraine. He couldn't remember the name of the guy running against Trump. That's another reason Trump wins.

To beat Trump, you need to fight fire with fire, you need someone like Obama. Or Bernie. Someone with conviction and a strong message.

4 more years of this garbage.