November 14th, 2019
Today was another missed day, didn't do a journal entry... I had the intention to do it, and then it completely slipped my mind.

So, as stated I will donate to charity or support/donate to people online.

I think a great way to do is to support independent product and app creators, so this time I will support Adriaan van Rossum from Simple Analytics. Simple Analytics is a privacy-based alternative to Google Analytics.

One of the things I want to do more of going forward is supporting people like Adriaan, and if I can get some use out of a new (and awesome) product, then even better!

I don't have much money, but I these kind of expenses are worth it. First of all, they are business expenses, so from a tax perspective, it's not so bad!

And more importantly, when you support people, they might support you back! Doesn't have to be money, but maybe it's a retweet, telling their friends about your product, could be anything - maybe something good comes out of it 5 years down the line...

Or maybe it's just supporting a friend, like buying them a beer :)

I know Adriaan works crazy hard and deserves it, blazing his own trail on the internet. And he's built an awesome product.

Setting up Simple Analytics