May 11th, 2020
I'm in this really weird spot right now, which I've mentioned in previous posts.

What next?

  • I don't feel very motivated about work
  • Nothing feels "important" to work on
  • I don't feel like tweeting (or more importantly writing)
  • I don't want to read any books
  • Everything is just about "tweaking" now

What I mean by "tweaking" now is just that the things that feel important to work on are a bit boring... Content marketing, onboarding optimization, looking at analytics a lot, outsourcing, etc.

But the bigger issue is that I'm not really that content with where I'm at with the business from a financial perspective.

So that's why I think this might be a sign of "burnout" - because I do know for sure that the business has so much room to improve. Usually, these kinds of things would be running through my mind, but lately they are not.

Maybe it's because of the quarantine? We've been locked up for so long... Too much of the same. Too much of nothing.

Deep down there's this yearning for "something new" - like a new project, or new business, or maybe even something new in my personal life... I don't know. 

I do know that I need to be careful with that kind of thinking. I can't jump around for my whole life.