August 9th, 2020
I don’t care who to vote for. I don’t care about being current on the news. I don’t care what city I live in, or the car I drive, or having nice clothes, or what food I’m eating. 

I don’t care about impressing others. I don’t care about hiding my flaws. I don’t care about being right.

But there are two things I really do care about.

These things are:

  1. What I work on
  2. My family / friends / future wife

To me, these things are 100x more important than anything else.

Just as they are important, they are 100x harder to get right.

I care so much about these things that I’m constantly suffering over them. They occupy my mind so much that I can’t care about anything else.

I’ve spent 29 years figuring out what to work on, and I imagine I’ll think about this for the rest of my life. I switched careers 5 times, did a coding boot camp, started 5+ businesses - all to better understand what I should be working on.

Most people don’t like their career or what they work on. But they stay because of convenience. To me, that is unacceptable.

The other equally important thing in my life is who I spend time with. And even moreso, who I’ll spend the rest of my life with. It’s why I’m still single at 29.

Most people settle in unhealthy relationships. They stay because of convenience. To me, again, that is unacceptable.

I’m willing to suffer for the rest of my life in hopes of getting these things right.

(These are just the things I care about, of course it's different for everyone. Shoutout Harry Dry for the inspiration.)