November 11th, 2019
Today I slept in until about 9:30. I'm trying to live most days without an alarm clock, it's a new thing I'm trying.

I've also had massively productive days since starting this experiment, and maybe it's due to getting really solid sleep?

Today, I added a submit/share page to Starter Story, something I've been meaning to do forever. I also added more tags to the platform. I'd like to start tracking more and more data. The more data I have, the more leverage I have. I can turn that data into paid features, or enrich pages on the site.

That data also may lead to new features, or even new products altogether. I can use the data to programatically generate content, and can do so much cool stuff, I really love this kind of stuff.

Also, getting data that is user-submitted is pretty epic. That, with a combination of scraping, and other tools, can build very valuable businesses. But our data is on such a small scale. But, it's still really cool to think about.

I also switched memberships on the site and removed the free trial. Also added a lifetime membership. I'll give that a test over the next couple months and through the new year.

I created a mini roadmap for Pigeon. Sounds like a non-important feature, but I think building this out and making each item as part of the docs will help me to share more of these features and build structure around the documentation and things like that. I need some process around that, because for me it super sucks right now :(

Feeling extremely energized this past week - need to take full advantage of this.