March 9th, 2021
I’ve been off social media for almost a month now. It feels nice. It feels blissful. 

I said I would end my social media hiatus at the end of March, but I think I will go longer. Going back to Twitter doesn’t sound interesting at all. Honest.

There are probably a lot of “things” that have happened in the media or in startup communities that I’ve missed... 

Even though I’m off social media I’ll still see or hear about them, but they’re never interesting enough to hold my attention for long. 

BUT they would hold my attention before. What’s up with that? 

The problem was the social media algorithm would keep feeding it to me. Feeding new details and updates about XYZ developing stories, and like a morphine patient, I’d keep hitting the button over and over for the next hit.

It is a god damn blessing to be out of that right now.

An interesting development: I stopped writing every day on the blog here. 

Sometimes I’ll stop writing because I’m in a “funk”. But that’s not the case here.

Right now, I just don’t really feel like writing on here. I don’t have much to say. And I don’t feel guilty or compelled to keep it updated, like I used to.

Maybe that’s because I’m not on social media. Maybe social media convinced me and kept me accountable to that unwritten commitment: Write every day. Tweet every day. Answer every email. Do this. Do that. Do everything, today.

I’m still writing every day, just not on here. I’m writing for my business: memos, project plans, ideas, guides, strategies, implementation, code, etc.

The bigger theme is I’m more focused on my business than my personal following. And I really like it that way. 

If someone hears about Starter Story, and they don’t hear about me - that’s a beautiful thing. 

A successful business and a successful personal following: I’m not sure you can have both and be healthy and happy. Pick one.

I’ll keep writing though, just not every day on here.

I want to write when I really have something to say. That can only come with time, experience, and staying off social media.

I’m not sure I’ll go back to Twitter at all. Twitter is just ego, and I don’t want to be that.