December 2nd, 2021
Unemployment is not high because people are lazy... 

Unemployment is high because people are starting their own business.

(+ some thoughts as we enter 2022)

To start a business in 2021:

- You can start with $0 (no VC needed)
- You don't need a co-founder
- You don't need an accountant, lawyer, coder, marketer, etc
- You don't need 'entrepreneur secret sauce' to build a successful business
But most people get the word 'business' wrong. 

They think of a nice small business, e.g. ice cream shop or restaurant.

'Business' in 2021 is:

YouTuber, TikToker, podcaster, course seller, e-commerce store operated from bedroom, etc

Those are the new BUSINESSES.
In other words, a good business to start in 2021 is:

Solo, digital, online, from home, non-disruptive, using skills you already have.

For example, this entrepreneur (with no prior experience) makes six figures per day helping people learn Excel on TikTok.

Her background? 

She was teaching Excel for fun at her day job. Regular job, climbing the corporate ladder...

But then COVID happened and she all of a sudden had: TIME.

With this extra time, she started teaching people Excel on TikTok. 

Now a multimillion-dollar business...
IMO this is only the beginning.

Now we will see a tidal wave of skilled employees taking their talents to the Internet (like the Excel TikToker).

Before 2020, only the 'Innovators' were building solo online businesses.

Now we are entering 'Early Adopters' phase.

Of course, I've seen countless people starting one person, solo, online companies at

Actually, I have 100 examples to show you 😁

This is actually part of my thesis at Starter Story:

In 50 years, I believe there will be more solo businesses than employees in the world.

This is why I'm so stoked to be building Starter Story! 

We will accelerate that movement!