July 2nd, 2020
Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, called himself “uncancelable” in some recent news.

I don’t know what he said or did, and I don’t care to learn.

Regardless of his words/actions, he is right about one thing: You can’t cancel Dave Portnoy.

Why? Because he is an owner. He owns a media company. And an owner cannot be canceled because they cannot be fired.

Kanye West cannot be fired. Elon Musk cannot be fired. Mark Zuckerberg cannot be fired. Donald Trump cannot be fired. Dave Portnoy cannot be fired.

And therefore, they cannot be (successfully) canceled from our society.

I don’t always condone their words or actions, but I’ll always have a level of respect for people that are uncancelable.

Why? Because being uncancelable is actually what we all want - to be free, to be our own boss. It’s the American dream.