December 23rd, 2020
For most of 2020, I was afraid to tweet.

I had this mentality that “tweeting was wasteful and not worth my time”, but in reality that was a defense mechanism against my fear of rejection.

In this case, it was the rejection of my ideas and my work. I worried they would be criticized, or worse, not even recognized.

As I gained a (small) following over the years, this has seemed to get worse.

I would tweet less and less. I only wanted to tweet when I had *something absolutely epic* to share…

But again, this was actually self-doubt.

I worried that my “normal” life and everyday things weren’t interesting enough, and that I had bigger expectations of what was “tweet-worthy”.

This is wrong. I should have just kept sharing normal, authentic stuff.

Back when I was just starting out, I followed Pieter Levels religiously. Whenever he tweeted, I ate that shit up because of how authentic he was.

Pieter continues to just share interesting little things that happen in his business & daily life.

That’s the point of Twitter. 

Just share cool shit when it happens.

Just share your real thoughts when they happen.

Just stop giving a fuck anymore, about likes, engagement, etiquette, optimizing, etc.

That’s when Twitter becomes fun, and valuable, and when you build connections and friendships and business opportunities.