October 23rd, 2020
Ok, so I follow some other blogs, and I noticed something.

Some of these guys post MULTIPLE blog posts per day. Here's an example.

The posts are super short, sometimes even one sentence.

I like this because:
  • If I see something cool online, I can just write about it, ad hoc.
  • I can post more "small stuff". Like "hey, check out this little code I wrote today."
  • I don't have a "looming" blog post on my todo list all day (where I feel I have to be introspective).
  • It's more like tweeting: random thoughts, etc
  • It helps me push more ideas out into the world, to think a bit faster about stuff
  • I need to change something up here on this blog, helps me stay fresh :)

We'll see where this goes... Send me your thoughts!!