May 9th, 2022
I spent the last week in Mexico. A few days at a tennis camp during the week, and then a weekend bachelor party with old college friends.

Traveling is finally, finally a thing again. And it felt really nice.

In 2021 I almost never traveled, and it definitely affected my mental health.

Although flying on planes and going through airports are still such a nuisance, it is so very worth it to get out there and see the world.

I forgot how travel opens up your perspective. Being in Mexico City reminded me just how small my own world is.

And seeing friends is worth all the money you have to spend. Bachelor parties and weddings and other related events are so expensive, and sometimes that bothers me. But they are worth the money. Getting together with friends is priceless.

I want to do that a lot more this year. Take more weekend trips. Take advantage of this time where nobody is worried about Covid and we can go anywhere.