October 29th, 2020
I know a lot of smart people that mistake politics for creative expression.

These people have original opinions and ideas, but they are too afraid to share them. They’re afraid of what people will say or think.

So, they put themselves behind a politician, or a party.

This immediately de-risks their statements or opinions. So they can say a lot of crazy things. They can scream and yell and feel “heard”. With no repercussions. All the blame can go to the boss (the politician).

To them, this feels like creative expression, but it is actually the opposite because it doesn’t involve thinking for yourself.

If you can’t think for yourself, you can’t create. You can’t be bold. You can’t be original.

These smart people would be much more fulfilled if they took that energy and created things. 

Created art. Created companies. Created new politicians. Created change.