November 10th, 2019
Since I went through the YC interview process a couple of weeks ago, I was definitely exposed more to investors, or at least "investor-think" - through talking to people, blog posts, etc.

Although investors probably have good advice, it is often hard to understand or apply that advice when you are deep in the trenches as an operator or business builder. And sometimes, I think their advice is just bad for you if you're building a business.

The same goes for podcasts, business books, and general startup content as well.

Because most advice is in 20/20 hindsight. You hear classic startup advice like "you need to identify your target market" but I have a feeling that many successful businesses didn't find it right away and pivoted multiple times to get there. It's not that simple.

Advice like that is great but I don't find it very helpful, at least for me. The only way I learn is by doing, and learning the "hard way". Maybe that's what makes me "slower" in terms of growth/success/riches...

I wish more investors or VCs would say things like "just keep working every day" or "building a great business takes 20 years" or "just get started", but often it's more sophisticated junk where they try to sound smart.