July 25th, 2020
I’ve changed my mindset about COVID.

I’m no longer concerned about when it will end.

There will be no “end” to coronavirus. There will be a vaccine and things will get better, but much of our world will change going forward.

I’m not here to argue what will change specifically, but I am here to argue that change is and has always been inevitable.

Everything changes everywhere all the time, before and after COVID.

I was chatting with someone last night, and they said something along the lines of:

“It’s been really hard here lately for me. I can’t do X and I really miss doing Y. I’m so excited for coronavirus to be over so I can get back to my normal life”.

How long are you willing to wait for things to be like they used to be? 6 months? 2 years? Your whole life?

You might be waiting for your whole life.

In hip hop culture, there is a stereotypical character called the “old head”.

The old head reminisces on the days of 2Pac. When they hear the new music that’s popular, they will always compare it to the “good old days”, and they usually hate all new music for that reason.

These people live in the past.

What if we could accept that new and old music are the product of the change in our world, and that’s a good thing?

We put off accepting change because we are all very reactive. We say: “I’ll start my diet on Monday”.

I’m trying to be more proactive instead of reactive. Changing my life and my business today, instead of sitting around and waiting for it all to become “normal” again.

I don't wait for the world. The world waits for me.