August 17th, 2020
We look to “wise people” for the answers.

Whether it’s Obama, Kanye, Jesus, or Buddha, we believe that these people can give us some answers.

But this is a shortcut way of thinking.

We cannot solely become better people by reading, studying, and learning from others. We can only become better people through the sum of the experiences of our entire life.

Sure, learning from these people is important, but it’s only a tiny fraction of the experiences that make up our lives.

What is the answer to life? How to be happy? 

^^ There is no answer! It can only be derived from the self, and it cannot be taught or explained!!

In this novel, the protagonist goes on a journey of self-discovery. He meets many different cultures and walks of life. He even meets the Buddha himself.

Everywhere he goes, he comes to a similar conclusion: that nobody can “teach” the meaning of life.

He continues to search. He lives in recluse. He fasts and meditates for years. He meets and lives among “holiest” people in the world. He becomes an entrepreneur. He becomes rich and lives a luxurious lifestyle. He gets addicted to gambling and booze. He has a child.

At the end of his diverse life, we realize that nobody along his journey had the answer to the meaning of life. 

So what is the meaning of life? The search itself.