October 24th, 2020
Want to reliably track key metrics for your business? Catch yourself checking analytics too often? Want your employees/co-founders to feel involved in the performance of the business?

Here’s a tactic I learned from a startup I worked at:

Create an automated daily email to yourself (and your team) which tracks how you did in the previous day (as well as MTD, YTD, etc).

This email:

  • Sends every morning (with a cron job)
  • Sends to the entire team
  • Hacks together a bunch of APIs (Google Analytics, Stripe, etc)
  • Is a constant work in progress (always adding new metrics)
  • Enables a transparent culture
  • Allows the team to see their own progress (if they work on a specific function), as well as progress of the business as a whole
  • Exposes potential bugs or if something is going wrong
  • Exposes trends in the business

How it looks: