July 14th, 2020
In every industry, there will always be “talkers”.

The people that are always talking a big game. They say things with a lot of conviction and sound really smart - and sometimes make you feel dumb.

If you ever get a chance to look under the hood, you’ll discover these people have nothing. They have no success, no money, and they’re really annoying to be around.

Their life is a constant cover-up. They can’t improve their business and/or life because all of their mental energy is spent on talking - and inflating their image.

It’s not their fault, though. When they grew up, they never got to learn the concept of hard work. They learned that they could use their words to get through most of life. They believe that how you’re perceived is more important than who you are, deep down.

For them, things “got done” because they lied and said they did, or “money was made” because they raised money from investors.

No, things only get done if you do them, and money only gets made if you sold your product to real customers with real money that is sitting in your real bank account.

If someone’s a talker, everyone around them already knows it, but they’re too scared to say it - or everyone gossips about them behind their back.

Regardless, nobody will ever trust them with their time/money/companionship - not even their closest "friends". It’s quite a sad life.