May 6th, 2020
In a world full of growth hacks, marketing funnels, etc, we forget the real key to building a business - talk to your customers.


  • Chat with your customers
  • get on calls, do demos
  • Ask them why they're interested in your thing
  • help them with unrelated things
  • meet them in person
  • share updates
  • ask them about their business
  • ask them about their life
  • Chat with prospects
  • talk to people that tried and didn't buy
  • Talk to people that hated your product
  • Ask what they need
  • Ask how your product can improve
  • Ask them what they love about their product
  • Ask them for testimonials
  • Chat with them on Twitter
  • Respond to emails from desperate bloggers/marketers
  • Respond to emails from budding entrepreneurs


  • Automate away customer interactions
  • Put them through funnels
  • Try to trick them with clever marketing
  • Hide things from them
  • Ignore their emails
  • Ignore their ideas and feature requests
  • Ignore their support requests
  • Take anything personal that they say about your product

I came across this blog post - it reminded me that I need to keep talking to my customers. 

It's cool that someone signed up and paid for Pigeon today and I haven't had to have any interaction with them - but that shouldn't be my mentality. I should be reaching out to them - getting to know them - asking them "why Pigeon?".