November 17th, 2019
I get a strange sense of satisfaction out of spending no money, or seeing how low my daily personal expenses can be.

For the past week, I made myself the same turkey sandwich for lunch every day. And cooked the same chicken and rice that I do most nights. I bought these groceries in bulk weeks ago.

I don't have any recurring expenses either. I don't pay for a gym membership - I just go outside and run for free.

I don't Uber or pay for a car. I walk everywhere or take public transportation.

I don't pay for a coworking space. I just go the amazing public library here or go to Starbucks.

I don't buy new clothes often, and often just wear the free stuff I can get from friends or running race t-shirts.

I do buy a coffee on some days, but usually just a cheap drip coffee out of respect for working out of the coffee shop.

The point I'm trying to make is I don't care to spend any money on myself. I spend a lot of time alone, and when I'm alone I live like a broke college student.

But I do spend money on/with others

I do spend lots of money, but it's only on travel, with friends/family, or on my business.

I spent thousands on my recent trips to New York and Europe. When I'm with friends, I go to expensive dinners and baseball games.

I gave my mom $10K to help her get out of debt.

I spend a couple thousand every month on my business - because that money is a tool to grow the business and spend my time on more important things.

Nowadays, I couldn't care less about nice clothes, a nice car, a nice apartment, a gym membership, a good job, or anything else that costs money or time.

I think that money is meant to be spent on people and experiences, or saved and used as leverage in your life.

I also think that not spending money on myself is my way of staying "hungry" and keeping myself grounded. 

Starting your own business is very scary. You need to be nimble in your life and be ready for the worst, financially.