November 13th, 2019
Over the past couple days, I've been deep working with rich text editor frameworks, like Slate.

More specifically, I'm re-doing the text editor for Pigeon, because my first attempt at it was really shitty.

Why was it shitty?

Because I tried to take shortcuts and copy-pasted a done-for-you rich text editor from some Codepen. 

This was epic at first because it only took me an hour to implement a rich text editor, but it totally screwed me down the line.

  • I didn't know the fundamentals of the framework
  • Making changes and updates to the editor took a really long time
  • Overall it was buggy

This led to stress and even feelings of anguish looming in the back of my mind:

Pat, you need to make XYZ changes to the text editor. How are you going to do that?

Back to the drawing board

So, this time, I'm reimplementing it, and I'm doing it right. I'm reading the docs, doing it from scratch.

This is taking me a while and it sucks how long it's taking, but I know down the line it's going to be a killer feature and I will be able to add new things and fix bugs more quickly, leading to a happier life and happier customers.

Having that confidence in your code and product is so huge.

My new text editor (a work in progress)