November 16th, 2020
I’m excited about this whole SEO course thing going on.

I’m going to use this to create the first course for the “Starter Story Learning Platform”.

The next big play for Starter Story is selling courses and more specific learning. The goal was to start working on that in 2021, but seems like something serendipitous is happening in the last few days.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

I’ll set a deadline for early-to-mid-December when the course will be launched.

I’ll build out some of the “Starter Story Learning Platform” features (won’t take too long) and I’ll take preorders for the course. 

This will help me commit to delivering a course quickly because I’ll already have taken people’s money.

People can buy the course as a one-off or they can subscribe to Starter Story Premium Plus, which will give them full access to Starter Story and unlimited courses in the future.

The course will be mainly slides + video + me talking over the video. See this series of tweets. 

I think this is a great medium for a course, because I have a lot to say, and I do so many Loom videos anyways, and I’m quite fast at that.

I’m actually quite excited to get all of this out of my head. There is so much to go over.

Eventually, I can convert the videos into text / blog format as well, which could see SEO benefits in the future.

I will also write about this process of creating a course here on this blog, and maybe talk about it on Twitter. Maybe people will find that interesting, as it seems my tweets have been doing quite well.

The other benefit of sharing this process publicly is to find other people who want to create courses for the “Starter Story Learning Platform”. If you want to build and sell a course on Starter Story, email me! 

My stretch goal is to get the preorder page up by the end of the week.

All of this is subject to change, I’ll keep things updated here on the blog. As always, send me your thoughts and feedback and questions.