July 15th, 2020
Have you ever experienced that small moment in time when everything feels perfect?

When you feel completely content with your life. When you feel that you could die right then and it would be fine. When you don’t want anything more, or anything less. Where you don’t feel lonely or anxious or self-conscious, just bliss.

It usually only lasts for a few minutes, sometimes an hour or two. Maybe after a great workout. Or after a successful business day. Or with someone you love.

Right now I’m having one of those moments. Life is good. I finished up my work for the day and walked to a small city park and read my new book.

Then I walked to the Hudson River and I’m watching the sunset. I’m just by myself, typing out this note on my phone on the Apple notes app.

My phone's in airplane mode and I’m just chilling and thinking and by myself.

These moments are quite rare for me, so I felt compelled to get it on paper as the moment is happening.

Lately, I’ve been having more of these moments. Maybe it’s because I’m finally back in New York, or because business has been good lately.

I never know how many more moments of these you’ll have. When they happen, I’d like to record them by writing them down, recording a voice memo, or talking about them with our friends and family.