November 19th, 2019
Yesterday, I woke up at 10am and didn't start working until noon.

The night before, I couldn't sleep. Didn't pass out until 2am.

But it felt totally OK. Instead of forcing myself to sleep, I did some research on marathon training.

Back when I had a job, I felt so stressed out when that would happen, because I would have to wake up and be at work regardless of how much I slept the night before.

Sometimes I forget about these little things, or at least forget to appreciate them more. And it helps to write a bit about it.

Today, I woke up at 8am. I woke up and went for a run. I had nothing on my schedule.

It's so epic to wake up every day and choose your own schedule, and more importantly, to make your own decisions and be your own boss. I wake up and decide what to work on, how, and where.

And it almost never feels like work! Yesterday I looked at the clock and realized I had worked 10 solid hours - and it was so much fun.

It is a great feeling - I need to cherish it more - maybe it won't last forever.