January 6th, 2021
This is an internal planning document for marketing we wrote up at Starter Story. I figured some of you might find it interesting?

What is this?

This is an email campaign which is used by the New York Times, that we will try on Starter Story. They send simple update reminders weekly to nudge users into purchasing their subscriptions.


  • To increase awareness about our paid subscription: Often, users don’t even know we have a paid subscription. Even if they don’t convert here, we are letting them know, and they may buy in a future time.
  • Hard sell: Let’s stop beating around the bush. We should be upfront with customers
  • Setting constraints: To compel users into buying “right now”, to take advantage of a limited time offer.


  • Rough draft of the design.
  • Here it is in Canva
  • Still needs a bit of work/cleanup
  • Still needs update to copy, and more images of faces, + perfect alignment of faces


Here is the template in Klaviyo. I did a test send to myself and it seems like the images are not hidden.


  • “Proceed to checkout” should go straight to checkout page for regular premium, with promo applied
  • “View offer” should go straight to checkout page for premium plus, with promo applied


  • Ditch the 9-5 grind.
  • Start your dream business today.
  • Let’s start a million-dollar business.
  • Find your next idea.
  • Learn from the best.
  • Become your own boss.

Subject lines

From: Pat @ Starter Story
Subject: “Ends [soon/today/tomorrow]: $1.71 a week. [Headline].


We should start these after the final email of the nurturing sequence . We can run as 50/50 AB test against the lifetime membership offer.

We can send each one of these every 7 days, and make sure it is a weekday.

We should stop sending these if the user didn’t open any emails in the last 14 days.

Fine Print