April 22nd, 2020
Today, I released a big new feature for Pigeon. Well, not really a feature, but a pretty big UI change.

I was a bit worried because, technically, this new feature changes the way Pigeon is presented inside Gmail, and it's a bit more "in your face" than it used to be. 

Part of the reason I changed it is because it makes Pigeon easier to use, which is very important. The other reason, is that it by being more "in your face" it will increase engagement and active users. But that's a post for another day...

Anyways... I was nervous about how people would react when I made the change. This made me work really hard on the feature to make it "perfect" and as visually pleasing as possible.

I deployed it and sent the announcement email.

What happened?

Nothing. Nobody complained. I only heard good things and people telling me how much better it was!

Nobody cares! Don't let people stop you from making important changes. And if you do fuck something up, you can always fix it :)