May 11th, 2022
I've been working on rebuilding our "databases" at Starter Story. I want them to be way more useful, and have them look a lot more professional.

It all started with this database for side hustles.

side hustles database

I modeled this off of the U.S. News Best Universities database and UX. I love how that page looks and feels. And it does very well in Google search.

That project took forever, but now we're migrating the database to work for other "objects", the first one being our tools database. It uses the same code and logic.

Here is the before and after:

You can now search, filter, and sort the tools, and see all 2,500+ tools, and ton of more metadata for each tool. Let me know what you think! (and if anything can be improved in terms of functionality, design, etc)

Here it is in all its glory. Really proud of this!

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 10.16.01 AM.png 732 KB

The next one we will migrate is our business ideas database, which is a long time coming :)