November 15th, 2019
My new Macbook Pro 16"

Today I got the new Macbook Pro!

Basically, I had been waiting for this for 6 years. The last computer I had was a Macbook Pro 15" from late 2013.

That computer was literally falling apart:

  • The webcam stopped working
  • The fan made this strange grinding noise
  • The battery lasted 30 minutes
  • The fan would go off like a jet engine all day
  • I couldn't even screen share on customer sales calls
  • Could barely edit videos
  • It was kernel panicking often

I would have upgraded, but the new Macbook Pros were notoriously horrible, and in my opinion, the butterfly keyboard was a non-starter.

I feel like I battled over the last couple of years to keep that old thing going, waiting until there was any good next option.

I lost a lot of faith in Apple, a company I used to obsess over. But I think they really came through with this thing. 

I haven't been this excited about a new product of theirs in a really, really long time. Worth every penny.