October 27th, 2020
An email I got recently:

I saw that a lot of your videos were not on your Youtube channel anymore. Some of them I found really inspiring, such as one where you are in Vietnam and on your way to the co-working space and you go on a rant. There were more videos of these and maybe they are still there on youtube,  but I just didn't see them on your channel and thought this to be unfortunate.

A few months ago, I took all of my YouTube videos off my channel except one.

I was embarrassed by them. They didn’t get a lot of views and they revealed a lot of information about me.

I’ve also changed a lot since then, and don’t feel like they encompass who I am as a person. I said many things that I probably disagree with today (but this is not a good excuse to delete them).

I also filmed all of them in the span of one month, so there’s like 8-10 videos all from one month of my life. I wish I uploaded more regularly through my journey...

But mainly, I was embarrassed, especially by my IRL friends and family watching them or people finding them searching me on Google. 

I’m not sure I like the idea of vlogging and sharing my life by talking to a camera. There’s something a bit weird about it for me.

But it is nice to hear that it did inspire some people.

The only video I left on my channel is this one. I love that one because it is more timeless and feels more important than some vlogs.

I still want to do something with YouTube, but probably not vlogging. Something different. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear.