October 16th, 2019
It's 12AM in the morning right now.

I am in Lisbon on "vacation", can't sleep. Needed to code up this idea (this blog right here) as I've been kicking at the idea like every day for the past couple weeks.

Been thinking a lot about how I want to get back into writing, and documenting all this stuff I'm doing.

I have a lot of "thoughts" but too scared to post them on Twitter and too busy/lazy to write a well thought-out blog post.

I want to build a daily habit. But I want to do this more for myself, and less for social media and for people to see. I want this to be more like a daily journal. It can be a YouTube video too, or some other piece of content, doesn't matter..

Who know what will come out of this. Don't want to make any promises, but I'd like to create some goal where I have to do this daily - doesn't matter about number of words, just that I wrote something.

And if I miss a day, will have to donate $X to charity...

Anyways, will iron more stuff out as 2019 comes to a close, but at least I got this one post up! Will keep playing around and trying to post more, with a more formal idea for what this will be in the next few weeks.