June 5th, 2020
I made a big mistake over the past few days.

The details aren't important, but in essence, I made my business perform financially better, at a really big cost.

Money was coming in more than ever and it felt amazing.

But it was actually caused by a bug and it was my fault.

Once I fixed it, things seem like they've gone back to "normal" (aka less money).

Once I realized my mistake I felt like shit. I became depressed. The high I was riding for a few days now feels like cold, hard reality.

A day later, I still feel like shit.

Again and again, I associate my own happiness with the success of my businesses...

But writing helps.

It just goes to show - money is never as easy as it seems. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I won't let this get me down - the only thing I can do is keep working hard and pushing the business forward.

See it as a lesson:

  • be more careful and test things that you implement
  • when something seems too good to be true, look closer, and investigate