February 20th, 2021
I started my social media hiatus a few days ago, something interesting I noticed: 

In 2019, I also quit social media for a month. It was May 2019. If I think back, May was actually the most memorable month of 2019.

And by “memorable”, I mean: I can actually remember it

I remember where I was, the books I read, the places I ran, the work I did, the restaurants I ate at, etc. 

I specifically remember listening to Ray Dalio’s Principles on Audible while walking around the Hoàn Kiếm Lake in Hanoi Vietnam. I remember the cadence and sound of Ray’s voice. I remember it so well.

If I think about other months in 2019, they’re less memorable than May. Sure, I remember things, but I couldn’t describe June, August, or September with the same detail.

It’s good to change things up in my daily life. My months should be more memorable.