October 22nd, 2020
Matthew McConaughey on writing every day:

When do most of us not write in our diary? When things are going great!

“I got it figured out! I don’t need to take time and go be introspective and write down my thoughts. Everything’s a green light. It’s great.”

The original purpose of a diary is to dissect failure or disillusion. But I think there is more prudence in dissecting success.

Let’s dissect when things are going well. Let’s dissect when everything’s clear and you feel strong and confident and significant and you feel like yourself.

I started writing in my diary when things were going well. And when I inevitably would get into a proverbial ‘rut’, I could go back to that diary and see how and map out how I got there.

I found consistencies. I found it was about what I was eating. And who I was hanging out with. And how much sleep I was getting. And nature and the beauties in the world I was noticing, and how they were affecting me. How I approached people. I found patterns.

Source. This is cut down and paraphrased for brevity.