February 4th, 2020
A prediction...

I think the "makers" and indie businesses space will start moving towards more selling of courses, books, sponsor supported businesses.

It's just a lot easier to "make a dollar" with these types of businesses. Although the dream is to have a recurring SaaS business, the friction and time it takes make it a lot harder to justify, when making money as a creator is much simpler.

As the space grows and we see more "success stories" from businesses like these, for example this milestone, it will influence the newcomers to do similar.

There is also a negative stigma with courses and e-books, but I also think that will start to go away too.

I used to be more judgemental of these kinds of business models, but lately, I think I'm kind of over that. I don't intend to start a business like that though, although I'm more open to it than I used to be.