July 12th, 2020
Want to read more? Want to learn to code? 

Want to connect with people on a deeper level? Want to enjoy a movie?

Want to be happier? Want to be more present?

Make a plan and stick to it

Set a concrete plan to go to the library, the coffee shop, the bookstore, on a hike, on a date, play tennis, get drinks, meet with friends, and go to the park.

Stop being so wishy-washy. Stop saying “we should hang out” or “we’ll figure it out” - take the initiative and put the onus on yourself - don’t wait for someone else to make the move.

Make these plans ahead of time and only with the people you want to spend your time with. 

Stick to your plans as if your reputation depends on it.

Once you’ve made your plans, stop thinking about your other plans, or what else you might be missing out on.

While executing your plans, leave your phone at home. 

Leave it for 4 hours. Leave it for 8 hours. Leave it for the whole day.

Give the people you’re with your 100% undivided attention, even if they don’t always return the favor.

Don’t bring your phone as a ‘just in case’. What if someone needs to get a hold of me? Fuck that! Live in the present.