July 21st, 2020
I had two conversations with people about COVID today.

One was with a dentist in New York City. He said:

“We’re only seeing about 40% of the business that we used to. The PPP money is running out. I also had to fire our maid because I can’t trust where she’s been. Tomorrow, I’m driving to Texas to pick up my grandparents because I’m afraid they’ll be infected.”

The other conversation was with my new friend, Katie. She said:

“I think this is a great time to be in New York City. My business has been affected, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m spending more time doing outdoor activities and hanging out with my friends than ever before. I wake up early every day and do activities and I feel great.”

Katie went searching and identified something positive that came from this pandemic - and she chose to communicate that with me instead of defaulting to dread (like most people do).

This kind of positive attitude is infectious, and we talked for some time about the positive things that will come out of this pandemic.

I’m tired of hearing about the COVID dread - and it’s nice to find other people that feel the same way.

We should all be more like Katie, and also surround ourselves with more Katies.