March 15th, 2024
4 years ago, I get a call from my friend Jon.
Jon: "Hey man - you want to come out and help out at the ranch?"
Me: "What ranch?"
Jon: "I'm out here with Kanye and his team and we need some extra hands while he's recording his album."
I nearly dropped the phone in disbelief.
Kanye is my favorite artist person of all time.
Of course I said yes - how could I turn down this opportunity?
I get in my car and start the 5 hour drive to the secret location Jon sends me.
I have no idea what's about to happen.
But I'm so f*ing excited.

"I'm going to meet Kanye West."
"I'm going to meet his team of A-players."
"This is going to change my life."
I get to the location, walk inside, and sit down at one of the desks.
His whole team is in there working.
Then, Kanye walks in and starts walking towards me.
He shakes my hand, and introduces himself. He is cordial.
Then, he immediately turns to my friend Jon (who hired me) and says:

"I don't want anyone new joining my team without my DIRECT approval."
I put my head down and pretend I don't hear him.
Yep. That was my first interaction with Kanye West.
For the next couple days, his team starts giving me orders.
Here's what I learn they need my "help" with:
- Chauffeuring the artists around
- Picking up pizza for the team
- Driving people to Dairy Queen
- Making sure Kanye always has enough snacks
Yep, I'm running errands all day.
I'm the bottom of the totem pole.
It's not a big deal though... I've worked minimum wage service jobs before.
But... here's the problem:
At this point, I've already quit my full time job and started my own business.
And this business is making money.
Yet I'm out here on Kanye's ranch... picking up Dairy Queen orders?
Then it gets worse...
I start to meet his team.
These so-called A-players...
And guess what? They all clearly hate working there.
They're all complaining about their bosses, gossiping about coworkers, and not really doing anything productive.
It's like every other company I've worked at...
This place reminds me why I quit my job in the first place.
It reminds me why I'll NEVER be happy working for someone else.
(even if that person happens to be the greatest artist of our generation)
Here's what I realize:
I don't want to work for Kanye.
I want to work with Kanye.
And Kanye did not become Kanye by working for someone else.
He became Kanye by creating his own sh*t!
After 4 days of working for Kanye, I tell my friend:

"Hey man - I'm gonna head home and get back to working on my business."
I quit working for Kanye.
And on that drive home from the ranch, I've never felt more conviction that I was on the right path.
Since then I built Starter Story into a business that's generated millions of dollars.
I'm grateful I got to meet Kanye because it reminded me why I never want to have a boss for the rest of my life.
I hope this story inspired you :)
Don't meet your heroes!